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Monitoring school district compliance with Federal programs just got a lot easier.

State Education Agencies:

With the Federal Monitor web solution from Leader Services, your state education agency has a customized monitoring solution that fits your state's specific needs. This flexible, web-based solution removes the burden of paperwork delays and out-of-date information. Get the information you need, as soon as the school district submits it.

Solutions for State Education Agencies
Leader Services has over 40 years' experience meeting the information technology needs of professional organizations. Now Leader adds to its web-based offerings for State Education Agencies (SEAs) with Federal Monitor, a customized web-based solution for state monitoring of school districts' compliance with federal programs. Federal Monitor is based on the USDOE model.

With Federal Monitor, your state education agency can minimize the need to fax, mail, courier, or otherwise manually move program tracking documents between the SEA and individual school districts across the state. Now the monitoring process can be managed centrally but be accessible to any district with an Internet connection.

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Local Education Agencies:

Now school districts can perform a self assessment of their compliance with the requirements of federal grants. Know beforehand if a federal or state compliance review will adversely affect your district, enabling you to take corrective action proactively.

  • Self-assessment based on the USDOE model - ask yourself the same questions the reviewers will
  • Uses common web browsers - no need to install and manage a complex information management system
  • Links directly to federal regulations for immediate review
  • User-friendly - no need for extensive staff training
  • Generates documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) for printing and archiving

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